10 Health benefits of swimming – Hydrotherapy – Swimming Pool

10 Health benefits of swimming – Hydrotherapy – Swimming Pool
21/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

The swimming pool (word derived from the Latin piscis) is a water tank adapted for swimming, jumping, water aerobics, water polo and other sporting activities.

Top ten benefits of swimming are:

1. Increases life expectancy. Scientists from South Carolina University followed more than 40,000 men, aged between 20 and 90 years, for 32 years and found that those who practiced swimming had a mortality rate of 50%, lower than people who practiced jogging, walks or did not practice any physical exercise.

2. Beneficial for asthmatics. People with asthma are not advised to do cardiovascular exercises, so the best sport option that they can practice is swimming (this sport does not usually cause asthma attacks). Asthmatic individuals participating in water activities, increase physical fitness, the volume of the lungs, confidence and consequently self-esteem. Swimming teaches the most correct breathing techniques.

3. Tonifies the heart and the cardiovascular system. Increases the volume of the heart. Tones and increases the effectiveness of the atria and ventricles of the heart. Women who practice swim for 30 minutes per day, reduce by 30% the possibility of having coronary heart disease.

4. Cholesterol balance. Aerobic power swimming promotes balance of good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Swimming increases HDL levels (an increase of 1% in HDL cholesterol, reduces the risk of dying from heart attack, at 3.5%).

5. Reduces the risk of getting diabetes and promotes glycemic control.

6. Exercising, tone and strengthen muscles and joints. People suffering from arthritis, bone pain or muscle are often recommended to make swimming and water aerobics because they are low impact exercises but that increases physical strength and tones the muscles and joints.

7. Mental health: swimming strengthens mental health, because it promotes meditation and reduces anxiety.

8. Fun and relaxing. Swimming is a relaxing exercise, relieves stress, strengthens the brain and clarifies the thought. Swimming as a fun sport promotes greater emotional stability.

9. Weight control. Swimming is the best methods to burn calories – the amount of calories eliminated depend on physical fitness, time and training intensity. Reduces and eliminates cellulite.

10. Flexibility. Swimming is one of the few sports that work multiple muscles simultaneously. The flexibility is achieved due to body movement in the water, involving the muscles, joints and skeleton.

Swimming is a healthy, fun and sociable practice.

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