Abuela Grillo – water sustainability

Abuela Grillo – water sustainability
11/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

Abuela Grillo depicts an alarming story about the importance of water.
Water is a good that must reach all, without there being secondary interests or corruption. Water is the most essential that it exists in nature: covering 71% of the planet’s surface and promotes proliferation of many species depends on this molecule.
The human being (whose body is composed of 72% water) uses this molecule to hydrate, for personal hygiene care and for cooking. Water is also used in agriculture – crop irrigation – for scientific standard – Kelvin temperature scale, mass measurement unit – as “way” of transport (canals, rivers and sea routes). Water is used in all (or almost all) industries and are a renewable energy (dams, hydropower, tidal).

In the liquid state induces the fun through water sports practices, aquariums (sea life) and therapeutic, including water aerobics. In the solid state (ice) cools drinks, relieves muscle pain and also a source of fun: snow and ice rinks.

The history of Abuela Grillo is a grandmother whose songs who sings bring rain or storm (as her mood and feelings). However the adventure begins when one day the grandmother, absently, continues to sing for such happiness, but such joy overflows the crop fields of the indigenous village, revolting the citizens…

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