How to prevent and treat Acne?

How to prevent and treat Acne?
14/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease which results in rash and clogged pores of the skin (pimples on the face, back and chest).

The disease can appear at any age, including newborns, but the most common is emerging from puberty and can remain up to 25 years old.

Puberty is the most critical time because the pores can not expel excess sebum due to excess androgenic hormones that cause overproduction of sebum. The excess of the oily secretion (sebum) joins the dead cells and clog pores forming a “spine”. The bubbles appear due to infection of the “pimples” (result of bacterial contamination) and “black spots” which can cause pain, itching and bad – being (physical and psychological).

Causes and symptoms

To date, there are no concrete data to justify the appearance of acne. Relatively to women, may be due to excess male hormones (also revealed by the excess hair in less favorable places for women) and may also be related to the pre-menstrual period.

In natural medicine, we present facts which relate to acne with liver and intestinal toxicity (corrected by the consumption of Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. bulgaricus present in yoghurt, or in the form of capsules) fiber diets and food allergies (identify the allergen and eliminate it from the diet).

Other factors influencing the severity and duration of acne are beyond the age, gender – males have more severe acne often – heredity – the genes have a great influence on the emergence of this disease – hormonal changes, diet and personal hygiene, stress and the environment – we recommend the practice of physical exercise, relaxation or meditation -, cosmetics and press the bubbles.


After the diagnosis be confirmed by a health professional is important to adjust the diet, keep cool, clean skin (hide pimples with hair only aggravate the situation!), avoid using oily or aggressive hygiene products for skin.

The consumption of tobacco, coffee, sugar food pre-made or rich in iodine contribute to the development and worsening of acne.

Internally, it should detoxify the liver and kidneys Taraxacum officinale root or Arctium lappa root, raw or cooked and added to salads. Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) is strongly recommended to strengthen the immune system but should not exceed 10 to 14 days of consumption and must be stopped the administration for several weeks in order to allow the immune system to stand and adjust.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine seeds of Cnidium sp. and Lonicera japonica are prescribed and some dietary supplements that are prescribed after rigorous analysis of the patient’s standards.

  • Prevention
  • Wash the affected areas with mild products
  • Use sulfur or Calendula officinalis soap
  • Avoid using cosmetics
  • Avoid hair contact with the inflamed areas
  • Balanced and healthy diet
  • Reduce daily stress

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