Acupuncture: a hope for depression

Acupuncture: a hope for depression
19/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

Depression is an emotional disorder that accompanies humanity since the beginning of time. A person suffering from depression have a low self-esteem, pessimism, depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, reduced sexual interest and several changes: cognitive, psychomotor, sleep and appetite. This disease is usually caused by various factors causing chemical changes in the brain of depressed person, mainly related to neurotransmitters.

The disease can also be caused by social, psychological, genetic factors, diet, stress, lifestyle, rejection and problems at school or at work.

Treatment of depression is, by conventional medicine, with drugs however, by traditional medicine are not used to this type of practice, especially because it is a disease of the psychological conditions.

Acupuncture – a hope for depression.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers man as a whole so that the physical and mental states are constantly interconnected and influence the health of the person.

Acupuncture is an area of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the theory Yin and Yang, qi, organ systems and the five elements to characterize the health and the body in order to strengthen and prepare the body to heal.

The treatment involves the insertion of fine needles specifically distributed by a health care professional trained in the area, aiming to correct the imbalances of energy in the body.

The acupuncture process can override the principles of neurophysiology and anatomy to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine for more effective results. Acupuncture was more effective and faster in the treatment of depression as antidepressants, and reduces the side effects of conventional prescription drugs for this disease.

Acupuncture promotes the relief of headaches, muscle and bone, promotes social interaction.

Depression can also be cured by meditation and relaxation practices.

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