Art therapy – emotions therapy

Art therapy – emotions therapy
30/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

Art therapy is the combination, once again, between art and science (psychology). The focuses on therapies through communication by treating or expressive arts in order to allow the person technique (including children) to be able to express and display emotions, thoughts and ideas of the conscious and unconscious. The therapy is self-expression in crafts – painting, sculpture – cognitive – poetry, writer, music – and body language – dance, theater.


The person is able to self-discover, because the therapy promotes knowledge and emotional recognition and to authorize (express or unravel) demonstrating positive and negative emotions – the children victims of traumatic situations are often evaluated by the drawings that elaborate, usually a happy child abuses of living multicolored, while a depressed child tends to look darker colors as the case of yellow and purple.

The individual satisfaction for being able to create confidence and courage to develop feelings provides relaxation and stress relief that are often associated with psychological problems: insomnia, depression, nervousness and therefore related to cardiovascular system problems.


Therapy should be accompanied by a health care professional so that there are guarantees that the person to be treated (individually or in groups) have access to various materials (safe and age appropriate or person capacity) and space (comfortable, light and airy ) to promote interest in the artistic process. The therapist can not influence the creation or interpretation of the patient’s work and he is also responsible for ensuring that the creative or expressive experience to be successful, revealing to be beneficial for the artist (patient).

Art therapy is a therapeutic tool of complementary medicine and should not replace the medicines prescribed by the doctor.


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