10 Benefits of Facial Massage

10 Benefits of Facial Massage
09/03/2015 Margarida Moreira

The facial massage or massage on the face is a health care, wellness and beauty. In the West it is recommended to stimulate and tone the skin and relieve headaches.
The massage is a technique that combat aging and is more effective than the creams and cosmetics for anti-aging.

The frequent practice of this manipulation and physical pressure at certain points of the face and neck eliminates blockages of qi (or chi or ki) which relieves stress, headaches and premenstrual tension and reduces nasal congestion.


1. Improve and tone the skin and facial muscle tissue.
2. Relax the facial muscles.
3. Relieve headaches and facial pain.
4. Relieve stress, anxiety and physical tension.
5. Relax physically and psychologically.
6. Relieve eye and neck tension.
7. Relieve nerve disorders.
8. Relieve the retention of pre-menstrual fluids.
9. Fix liver imbalances and consequently gallbladder problems or failures.
10. Stinulate facial Meridian Points.


The technique must be performed by a health professional, therapist, professional masseuse, esthetician or cosmetologist.
The person receiving the massage should not wear contact lenses, glasses or other materials (e.g., false eyelashes) in the eye or in its vicinity.
One should not carry out massage if the person presents serious injuries, open sores or ulcers, boils or cuts on the face.
In the event of injury, recent scars, acne, psoriasis, skin inflammation, eczema or bruising, therapy should be delayed because the massage can worsen and infect the affected areas.

Side effects and contraindications

People who suffer from acne, psoriasis, eczema and easily irritated skin should approach your health care professional before starting the procedure, because facial massage can worsen these skin problems.

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