Biggest Mistakes People Make when Exfoliate

Biggest Mistakes People Make when Exfoliate
21/04/2017 Margarida Moreira

Every time that I enter in a beauty shop, I get tempted to buy hand and body scrubs (exfoliates); but this is before I see the absurd prices for a product full of unhealthy compounds (Post Coming soon – DIY Natural Hand and Body Scrub)!

And there are so much misinformation that lead an uninformed person to commit basic errors!

Common Mistakes

  • Adding sugar to the shower gel – this procedure will be cheaper than buying a body scrub. But this procedure won’t remove the chemicals from the gel (unless of course it’s a natural product) and it might cause a skin reaction! Do a patch test before you slather the product all over!
  • Not reading the label leading to not using the right type of scrub.
  • Shaving after exfoliating. Exfoliating helps to reduce the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs. If the person has sensitive skin shouldn’t exfoliate and shave straight away but after 1 or 2 days to avoid skin rash / irritation.
  • Not applying moisturizers after exfoliating. Scrubs are an abrasive cosmetic! Exfoliating repeatedly the skin without following up with a good moisturizer can leave the skin parched and overly-sensitive. Coconut oil and Jojoba oil are good natural moisturizers.
  • Not applying sunscreen. Exfoliating leaves the skin particularly vulnerable, apply some protection with a high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen in accompaniment with a moisturizer.
  • Doing it to often! Exfoliating should be done two to three times a week at most is normally sufficient – this also depends in the kind of skin.
  • Not consideration other scrubs. Scrubs /exfoliants derived from fruit go beyond what any scrub can do – alleviate dry, rough skin, diminish bumpy skin and deep clean clogged pores.
  • Applying body scrubs in the face. Unless there is a specific information that it can be used all over, a body scrub is too abrasive for the face where the skin is much more complex.


Each type of skin requires its own care!

This rule apply to any cosmetic!

Keep the good practices! After each exfoliation, apply a moisturizer and protective sunscreen to ensure that skin is hydrated and protected from environmental damage.

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