Biostimulation and Facial Massage

Biostimulation and Facial Massage
05/06/2015 Margarida Moreira

Basic movements of facial massage:

Slips / Outcrops: it is the most versatile technique, characterized by movements that serve as the first contact with the face of the person who will receive the massage (family member, friend or client). Slips act as liaison between the other movements, conveying calm and relaxation.

Frictions: are movements that are executed on the face in order d remove dead cells of the stratum corneum, acting as a anti-wrinkle.

Pressures: are the class of toning movements that cause the inflow of blood to the muscle fibers and tissues.

Tweaks: activate the circulation and cause hyperemia which consists in increasing the amount of blood in a given tissue or region of the body.

Kneading: contrary to what was thought a few decades ago, a good massage should not step on or harm the person who receives it. The amassamentos are minor and are intended to remove and fix double chin fat (nodular movement).

Pats: are a movement that activates the circulation and intended to remove the double-ment and set the oval of the face.

Vibration: calm and relaxing movements.


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