Dance with health problems

Dance with health problems
29/04/2015 Margarida Moreira

In the International Dance Day, the topic could not pass indifferently, and being this blog informative and dedicated to health, it was decided to combine dance therapy and address the theme dance therapy.

When a dancer or an amateur dance, feel joy, between feelings, energy and positive vibes, this is to psychotherapy. Psychotherapy uses the movement towards social development, cognitive, emotional and physical person to work and balancing intellectual and emotional problems, muscle and skeletal problems and shortcomings that compromise the day-to-day.

The dance therapy is present in numerous social sites to support health and education such as, hospitals, physical rehabilitation centres, day centres and motor homes, mental health centers, schools, prisons and, currently, also in private places such as specialized schools.



The dance therapy develops communication skills, welfare, elevates the self-esteem and self-image, stabilize the person emotionally, retrieves/develops motor skills, plus it’s a fun and relaxing therapy (psychological level).

Abstracts patients with serious diseases (e.g. cancer) or chronic and animates lonely people (e.g., elders).

People confined to wheelchairs and children who cannot learn complicated dances can execute this therapy, because it develops your emotions and movements can be customized and tailored to each case. The therapist teaches the apprentice moving only when you feel the “inner pulse”, the movements are directed and not criticized by the spectator.

In Freudian technique, therapists work with patients to uncover hidden feelings and deep in the subconscious and to express through dance.


Precautions and advice

The therapist must be qualified and have carried out studies approved by different registered institutions to educate people properly. People should participate in the sessions with an open mind and willing to obtain the maximum benefit.


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