DIY: How to create Scented Candles

DIY: How to create Scented Candles
03/11/2015 Margarida Moreira

Scented candles can be created to personal specifications, just by pouring a basic mold and adding some drops of essential oil. The perfume or the essential oil will be the aromatic characteristic of this candle.


1/2 pound Paraffin wax

1 tablespoon Opaque crystals

Wick, primed (the length should be adjusted to the size of the candle)

Candle scent (perfume) or essential oil (the amount varies depending on the intensity of the scent)

Food dyes (choose a color, the amount should be adjusted according to the desired hue)



Prepare the mold. Insert the primed wick in the mold, tie to a tie rod and seal with mold seal.

In the top of a double boiler over medium heat (in Portugal is called ‘Banho-Maria‘), melt the opaque crystals, then add the wax. Melt and mix thoroughly. Heat to 87 to 88ºC (or 190ºF).

Take the boiler from the over.

Add the candle scent (perfume) or essential oil and the food dyes. Mix carefully until you get the desired color and scent.

Carefully fill the mold and allow to cool 1 hour. Then leave to harden 6 to 8 hours.

Unmold the candle, trim the wicks to around 0,50 to 1 cm (or 0.19 to 0.39 inches), and level the candle bottom before lighting.


These candles are an excellent gift for any occasion, especially with Christmas coming.

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