DIY: How to make an infant massage?

DIY: How to make an infant massage?
21/03/2015 Margarida Moreira

Infant massage (pediatric massage) is a massage therapy that was developed for babies and children, and are fundamental to the physical and psychological development (intellectual and emotional).
Trainers, doctors or nurses educate parents to give massages to the children, teaching the movements and pressure appropriate to the area massage, the age and health of the child.
Health professionals are ones that should perform therapeutic massages prematurely newborns, children with gastrointestinal problems or with disabilities.

“The frequency with which give massages to children is as important as giving them the corrects diet and carrying out the proper exercises” – Tiffany Field

Massaging the legs
1. Hold it gently with your left hand the ankle baby / child and with his right hand to vertical movements or covering the tummy area to the groin.
2. Lift and twist the leg gently moving the hand of the groin to the knee (in a sense). Repeat the exercise for the thighs.

Massaging the feet
1. Holding the plant foot baby / child and the thumb pressing carefully slightly entire foot.
2. To calm the baby, pressing (carefully) each finger toes, keep your fingers pressed for 3 seconds.
3. Tighten (thumbs) the whole sole of the foot (the baby stand the beginning but the technique is relaxing).
4. With your thumb make small circles around the ankle.

Massaging the belly
1. With your palms applies in baby belly a very gentle swirling motion.
2. Place all the fingers on the baby’s waist leaving the thumbs free. Drag your fingers to the outside (side to side).
3. Set down the palm of a hand under the child’s belly and make smooth, slow circles.

Infant massage should be performed very carefully to avoid any injuries or bruises. People who have no technical training the infant massage should not run.
The oils and lotions used in massage can be irritating or create allergies in children and infants (vegetable oils are the most recommended and suitable for sensitive skin, because mineral oils can plug the pores of the skin).

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