DIY: relaxing and fragrant bath

DIY: relaxing and fragrant bath
15/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

After a busy Valentine’s Day, nothing better than enjoying the end of a Sunday afternoon for a long, fragrant and relaxing bath.

The shopping centers are overwhelmed with hygiene products that “do well” to health, but many of its components are not the most suitable for certain types of skin and can induce different reactions. Thus, I share with environmentally friendly public, one of the best alternative options that Pharmacopoeia provides: effervescent bath balls, in which you can personalize with the scent you desire.


Effervescent bath balls


100 g Sodium Bicarbonate

500 g Citric Acid

50 g Cornstarch

25 g of Fine Salt

Essential oil (maximum 6 to 10 drops, the amount varies depending on the essential oil and take care of its side effects and contraindications)


Preparation technique

Weigh the compounds separately. Give special attention to the accuracy of the scale and material waste.

Placing the solid materials – citric acid, corn starch and salt – a glass or porcelain container. Homogenizing the mixture with your hands (wear gloves).

Add one or more essential oils and add the dye to achieve shape the mixture. Place a portion of dough on a piece of plastic film and make a small ball. Leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Labeling with the respective galenic form (effervescent powder), production and expiration date (1 to 3 months).


The effervescent balls are used medicinally as a gentle exfoliant. This cosmetic provides a relaxing and fragrant bath.

Tip: you can decorate your bath with petals of the most beautiful flowers.


DIY: Do it yourself


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