Do you know all about cosmetics?

Do you know all about cosmetics?
07/05/2015 Margarida Moreira

Cosmetology empirical, intuitive for a long time, is now a very complete science, which benefits from progress in the fundamental being the most distinct disciplines: biology, pharmacology, physics and chemistry.
His knowledge is based on notions of physics and chemistry are essential, in particular the study of the physico-chemical properties used in the manufacture of a cosmetic product and the main chemical functions of organic compounds.

Cosmetics – the term was coined in the 16th century, comes from the Greek “kosmein” meaning adorn. Cosmetics is reflected by the art of applying cosmetics. Study the action and the effects of cosmetics and determines the general rules for its use.

Cosmetology – area of pharmaceutical science that researches, develops, produces, produces, sells and applies to cosmetic products. The study of treatment and natural beautifying capabilities based on the use of products, substances and packaging, called generically foreign application cosmetics and superficial.

Cosmetologist – is the technician who studies, enhances the formulations and makes beauty products, applying scientific methods determined by the cosmetic technology.

Beautician – is a professional who knows how to choose cosmetics, according to their properties and indications, and applies according to the techniques and methods related to the profession.

Cosmetic or body care product – any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various parts of the human body surface, namely epidermis, hair systems and hair, nails, lips and external genital organs or with teeth and oral mucous membrane for the purpose of exclusively or primarily the cleaning, perfuming, modify its appearance, protect, preserve the good condition , correct body odour without action or therapeutic purposes.

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