Feng Shui – How to harmonize the house

Feng Shui – How to harmonize the house
25/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

Feng Shui (meaning wind and water) is an ancient art developed in Asia, which studies the analysis of energy or life force in the universe, in nature and within the properties.

The qi (ki or chi “energy force” in Chinese culture) is dispersed by the wind (Feng) and hosted by the water (Shui). -Guo Pu

This technique was developed in China after concluding that there is a relationship between the movement of nature and how this movement affects humanity (for example, for a farmer, light winds indicated good harvest, prosperity and health).

Feng Shui studies the best provision and distribution of equipment and furniture in the workplace and at home, according to energy rules to obtain a better harmony and well being of human beings with the forces of nature. The energy that abounds the property and equipment influences the lives of people, so it is advisable to analyze this energy and to get the best possible equilibrium.

Feng Shui uses some techniques for identification of energy maps: analysis of the cyclical energy in the form of “Flying Star” (analysis of the cyclical energy in the area), permanent energy technique “Eight Mansions” (analysis the permanent power on site, e.g. property) and technique forms (analysis of the interior and exterior).

The traditional analysis of Feng Shui is performed with a compass and considers the time factor because the energy is not static, responding to certain principles:

Qi is a movable positive or negative life force and it includes the orientation of a property, its age and its interaction with the environment;

Polarity (Yin and Yang – mean the laws of nature, the changing seasons, weather and the environment);

Cycle of the 5 elements (Wu Xing) – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood serving to dissolve or energize energy;

8 trigrams (Bagua) corresponding to the possible combinations of Yin and Yang in three lines, ranging from Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Water, Mountain, Wind, Fire and Lake.


Curiosities: The Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Donald Trump are people who resorted to Feng Shui techniques to find harmony in their homes.

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