Homeopathy and the Arsenicum album

Homeopathy and the Arsenicum album
05/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

Homeopathy follows the philosophy that the substances which cause disease symptoms in healthy people help heal when given in very dilute quantities to sick people who have the same symptoms.

Anyone can observe and evaluate changes and symptoms that occur in yourself or in people who often deals.  Homeopathic review does not require that the person has knowledge of anatomy or human psychology. The first principle of homeopathy (observation) only requires attention to verification of physical or behavioral changes.

After the analysis, you can check whether it is a case to consult with a homeopathic doctor or is a slight symptom. If a person experiences changes and serious or prominent symptoms must seek medical advice from a health professional to prescribe the correct medication – homeopathic remedies sometimes contains toxic substances or have toxicity at higher doses.

An example of a homeopathic remedy which contains poisonous substances (metal element arsenic) is Arsenicum album – arsenic trioxide, arsenic white, white oxide. Arsenic having a gradual toxicity, or cumulative, and may induce side effects such as digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), dehydration, paralysis and death. Arsenic is a chemical which leaves traces in bones even after cremation. Arsenic is used to paintings, for dyeing carpets, medicine and pesticides. The remedy was prescribed as febrifuge (oral intake), but the side effects defined it as unsafe, once it is ascertained that repeated doses and frequent doses can be lethal or cause poisoning.

Later, the element was correctly dosed (arsenic is separated from the iron and nickel, and diluted with milk sugar) and is currently one of the most prescribed homeopathic remedies (in the form of dye, pills, granules and capsules) for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis , fever, chronic diseases, skin disorders, burns, allergies, rhinitis, dry cough, insomnia, measles, chronic nasal congestion, sore throat, cancer and syphilis.

Health professionals – homeopath – should be responsible to adapt the medicinal doses and evaluate the interaction with other medicines.

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