In the spring: treat your hair!

In the spring: treat your hair!
22/03/2015 Margarida Moreira

The hair is all the hairs that grow and develop on the scalp (there are approximately 150,000 hair strands that grow about 1 cm per month).

“Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self love” ― Ademola Mandella

The State of the hair is one of the factors which highlights the hygiene of the person,their social status and is one of the largest aesthetic factors, as such, it is necessary tohandle correctly.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” ― Coco Chanel

In the spring: treat your hair!

Spring is a season where the hair starts to get exposed to higher temperatures and the Sun. Thus, it is necessary to prepare the hair for spring and, later, for the summer, ensuring that your hair is in a better position to fight the assaults on that subject(water and heat in excess). A healthy hair and care strengthens the tips, avoiding exfil with ease or divide (split hair).

Rules and tips to protect and pamper your hair

1. During the spring, cut more often to cure hair tips, get to grow stronger and that support high temperatures of summer.

2. Protect your hair and scalp with airy hat (hats closed impair the hair and not allow theevaporation of perspiration from the scalp, which can cause itching). Resort to masks and moisturizing creams for the hair type.

3. Avoid thermal hairdressing materials (dryer, curling thin/Board, etc.) or use heatprotection products.

4. Proper cleaning with soft products and appropriate for the type of hair.

5. Hydrate the body often, because it will promote hydration of the hair. In the warmerseasons you can use moisturizing creams and protective creams with UV filters torestructure and hydrate the hair.

6. The hair at this time of year tends to fall more often, this problem can be resolved bycorrecting the diet (lack of vitamins) or with the use of shampoos fall arrester.

7. People who paint their hair tones should choose a little darker than usual, in the hottesttimes of the year because the Sun tends to lighten the hair.

8. The color-treated hair requires extra careful and use products that help fix the color and highlight the liveliness of the dyed hair or highlights.

9. During exposure to the Sun or the hours of greatest heat, apply a conditioner for all hair.

10. The more balanced the diet, the more you reveal in your hair (brighter light, lively andsmooth).

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