How to make Plant Propagation?

How to make Plant Propagation?
16/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

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One of the greatest joys of a farmer is spread through its own plants! The vegetative multiplication techniques are as old as agriculture allowed the establishment of civilizations.

Vegetative propagation is a multistep process, engaging with the proper choice of material to replicate their preparation and providing suitable conditions for the growth and survival of the plant material.

Selection of plant material

The plant material is the part of the plant with which to work and make clones from it (with the exception of seeds, as they require fertilization, which is the fusion genes of two plants), so you must choose healthy plants – free from pests and diseases.

Younger plants have more effective regenerative power than older, facilitating the spread.

Propagation of plant material

After selecting the plant material, it is possible to enhance the regeneration (formation of a new plant) by growth techniques (pruning, fertilization and watering) in a controlled environment (hot and wet) in order to accelerate the process of growth and prevent damage to the material (dry or rot).

The seasons may influence the formation of the plant, and it is frequently immerse the plant material in esterelizantes solutions (to remove potential enemies of culture induces a higher success rate) in solutions with rooting hormones and fungicides (usually combined with the solution hormones).

The survival of the plant

It is dependent on maintenance care and handling to avoid contamination with fungi, pests or diseases.

The new plant should be known only after the certification that is rooted and is independent. This last phase tends to be the most variable of plant propagation, because the new plant will be subject to environmental conditions more severe and uncontrolled.

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