9 Massages you need to know

9 Massages you need to know
13/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

Massages are especially sought by the pleasure of relaxing, the tranquility after exhaustive and stressful days as a haven of peace of soul and spirit. Some people turn to massage for health reasons and well-being:

Chinese Massage: Therapy. Such as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese massage is based on holistic medicine that is, the patient is treated as a whole person and is intended to get the physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Sports Massage: Preparation of the muscles for physical activity. The massage is designed to prepare and optimize the body of athletes.

Facial Massage: Antiaging. Facial massage is recognized for rejuvenate the skin and cleanses the skin, eliminating dead cells.

Geriatric Massage: Retrieve physical functions. The human being is a social animal and therefore needs contact and communication with other people. As sometimes the elderly are or feel isolated is necessary to create bonds and physical and emotional connections. Geriatric massage promotes communication, relaxation and positive emotions. Activates the circulatory and immune systems. Relieve some types of pain, combat stress and depression.

Gestational or Prenatal Massage: To promote the well-being of the fetus and mother. Prenatal massage reduce the level of anxiety and stress. Decrease the pain in the legs and back. Promote and improve sleep and mood. Pregnant women (especially in the first trimester of pregnancy) should be careful with the choice of location (e.g. beauty salon, spa, hospitals) of this massage therapy because there are no rigorous studies on the possible side effects.

Infant Massage: specific to children. Stimulates the circulatory and nervous systems, relaxes and relieves stress and pain associated with poor digestion (colic, congestion, teeth appearance).

Swedish Massage: relaxation, relief from stress and muscle tension, blood flow favoring. Technique of muscle pressure and specific movements that allow the relief of stress and the promotion of relaxation and sleep.

Thai Massage: Treatment of electromagnetic or energy field of the body. Thai Massage involves stretching and deep massage, no oils are used in this massage. Thai Massage improves flexibility and relieve muscle and joint tension.

Massage Therapy: Favouring the bloodstream and lymph, nervous system activation and relaxation.

Massages must be performed by health professionals or people educated in the techniques. A wrongdoing can lead to the formation of blood clots, inflammation and fractures.

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