Mesotherapy – injection under the skin

Mesotherapy – injection under the skin
16/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

Mesotherapy is a technique that the French doctor Michel Pistor put into practice. The technique is based on the local administration of drug injection under the skin (cutaneous infrastructure: between the epidermis and dermis) along the areas to be treated. This treatment is recommended for all people: adults, children, diabetic patients, elderly, patients with gastritis or ulcer that contraindicate taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

The mesotherapy is often recommended for inflammation and muscle pain, including rheumatism (tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, muscle contractures…), problems associated with the vertebral column (e.g., back pain), joints (knees, ankles, wrists), certain diseases cardiovascular and neurological diseases, skin and aesthetic problems (examples: wrinkles and cellulite). The mesotherapy also has the advantage of being more effective than oral medication and does not cause gastric distress.

The treatment begins with an assessment by a health professional if the doctor finds that there is need to resort to their treatment, may prescribe local injections performed with fine needles, measuring between 4-13 mm. Administration may be by injection gun or a (meso) perfusor.
In the initial phase, treatment is done once a week.


Prescription drugs

The constituents of local injections vary depending on the disease being treated and may take a combination from 2 to 4 drugs to obtain the desired effect. Usually, the healthcare professional prescribes injections of anti-inflammatory compounds (analgesics), vasodilators, relaxants, vitamins…


Side effects

As most of the treatments, this technique also has some side effects such as allergic reactions in the skin due to the administered compound.



Treatment should be exercised by credited  health professionals because a simple error in dose, poor administration or bad application of medications can induce anaphylactic shock.

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