Reiki: the benefits of vital energy

Reiki: the benefits of vital energy
14/03/2015 Margarida Moreira

Reiki is a complementary therapy, under the Medicines and Therapies of Bio Energetic Field. This therapy is performed through a soft touch or a short distance from the patient’s body, following a strict code of ethics, and broadcasted “Vital Universal Energy” (Japanese: Reiki). The professionals involved in this practice are trained to detetcar and alleviate problems and energy flows of disorders that affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, the effects are similar to the traditional massage therapy.
The technique is already performed by health professionals in hospitals in some countries.

Vital Universal Energy

The human body has an energy field that circulate through channels, however, when they are clogged or debilitated may induce health problems in person. People who practice reiki have the ability to analyze the energy, to detect blockages in energy flow and correct / fix these problems through thought and meditation.
Reiki Masters believe that the therapeutic power can be transmitted by another person to the patient.


The benefits are similar to traditional massage, however, Reiki therapy is conducted through the conduit vital energy through various hand positions (not touch).
Reiki is suitable for people who suffer stress, which have pain, acute or chronic diseases (including asthma and rheumatoid), as adjunctive therapy for people who have suffered traumas or operated. The reiki is a practice of alternative medicine that stimulates vital energy, such as the person feels an increase in energy. Some people feel during treatment temperature variations on the palms (hot or cold), such sensations are due to the release of emotions for a new flow (according to reiki masters).


People who practice reiki learn to use some basic positions to relax or stimulate energy.

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