Say goodbye to stretch marks!

Say goodbye to stretch marks!
22/05/2015 Margarida Moreira

Stretch marks are a sort of something that happened in the dermis – although such a feature being more frequent in women, can appear in both genders (male and female). These injuries are the result of degeneration of the elastic fibers of the skin that occur due to hormonal changes or when the skin is excessively stretched, outpacing the ability of distention. Stretch marks are characterised by parallel lines with a different coloration of healthy skin (for example: can be red or lighter than the color of the skin). These injuries can arise in any part of the body however, arise preferentially in areas of greatest tension of the skin as the glutes, thighs, hips, abdomen, breasts, back and arms.

How do stretch marks appear?

If high pressure is exerted on the skin, this may lead to one of two reactions:

– rupture, when the skin is not sufficiently elastic to withstand the pressure;

– loose, if the skin is on high pressure for too long and when the pressure decreases, elasticity will not have the same strength.

For high pressure means the cases of pregnancy, overweight, muscular hypertrophyand subsequent pressure – relief, lead breakage or loosening of the skin’s natural elastin fibers.

Stretch marks are sometimes difficult to remove and some, even with proper treatments and cosmetics, are only attenuated. The latest stretch marks that do not disappear with cosmetic treatments – require intervention: aesthetic surgical, Mesotherapy (injection of vasodilators and cellular regenerators exactly in the affected fibers) or laser.


Stretch marks can be prevented, this formula is safe even during pregnancy:

0.5 ml essential oil of Pelargonium (Pelargonium asperum)

1 ml of oil of epicarp of Orange (Citrus sinensis)

10 ml of Evening Primrose seed oil (Oenothera biennis)

10 ml of seed oil of Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata) or Musk rose (Rosa moschata)

100 ml oil of Wheat embryos


It is recommended the application of this formula 2 times per day on the affected cutaneous tissues (apply directly on stretch marks).


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