Sports massage – health care and increased performance

Sports massage – health care and increased performance
22/02/2015 Margarida Moreira

The sports massage is a targeted massage therapy for athletes, is one of the oldest forms of therapy and a fundamental method for pain relief, relaxation, stimulation and muscle recovery, as a preventive, therapeutic or sporting level.

The massage uses various body work techniques to prepare and recover the muscles who does physical exercise, promotes recovery from injury, improve functions and determinations in relieving pain, it improves blood circulation and removes toxins in the body.

The massage assembles a set of manipulation techniques muscular-skeletal (with basics identical to Chiromassage, but with particular focus on body areas crucial to the athlete’s physical activity) is recommended for all-exercising – amateurs and professionals.

The biggest problems occur at the level of amateur practitioners, because they do not have adequate knowledge about how to proceed after physical exercise or why and in most cases, do not have or know who to turn to get this vital treatment to his sports activity.

In elite athletes  there are also risk factors associated with lack of time and athlete’s commitment to the inclusion of sports massage as a routine of your preparedness plan, competition and recovery.

Sports Massage is divided into several stages:

Pre-event massage (Preparation) – Supplement to the heating phase as it improves circulation and flexibility. Reduces excess stress both mentally and muscles.

Inter-event massage (Preparation and Recovery) – note the existence, manipulate and eliminate areas of excessive tension.

Post-event massage (Recovery) – after the sport, proceed to post-event massage for decompression, which reduces muscle spasms and returns the flexibility and muscle stretching. This massage speeds up the recovery process of stress and physical fatigue, facilitates blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces the risk of injury.

Treatment massage (Rehabilitation) – used in case of injury. This massage has a physiotherapist intervention because the athlete may need to use other procedures: invasive intervention (surgery), ultrasound and thermal therapy.

Maintenance Massage – is one of the most important massage and more devalued by athletes. Intends to maintain the performance, minimize muscle wasting, flexibility, tone and promote musculoskeletal balance.


  • Reduction of injuries and improving the training of consistency;
  • Prevention and promotion of healing of acute injuries;
  • Total rehabilitation, preventing serious injury to become chronic;
  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Enhance mobility articulate;
  • Reduction of fatigue;
  • Increased physical performance.

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