What you should know about Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy

What you should know about Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy
07/01/2015 Margarida Moreira


Is a therapeutic method that uses plants, more exactly, the active part of the plants.
Its origin has been know since ancient times, proven by Archaeology has revealed texts with more than 4000 years, describing properties of medicinal plants.
Since the early 1900’s and with the discovery of antibiotics, usage and public knowledge of naturopathy medicine has declined. However, in recent times, there is a growing interest in natural medicine.
This is due to the advances in the production thereof and method of use, which uses increasingly scientific information and less empirical.
Its role is to propose treatments for health maintenance, the smoother action will help to prevent disease and to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis or insomnia, for example. Thus, herbal medicine acts in depth without harming the body and stimulating the defenses without replacing them.
The result is an effective action, durable and devoid of side effects.

 Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine)

The Chinese phytotherapy is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (Oriental medicine) and was practiced for over 4000 years. The formulations of drugs are not limited to plant, but also of animal and mineral origin and have fewer side effects than conventional medicines.
The Chinese phytotherapy is based on holistic medicine that is, the patient is treated as a whole person and is intended to get the physical, mental and spiritual balance.
People with chronic diseases are increasingly looking for this treatment.


Chinese phytotherapists evaluates the total health of the person and the medical history. The phytotherapy prescribes natural remedies, safe and cheap.
This therapy reduces the incidence of diabetes, the efficacy of chemotherapy favors and strengthens the patient.


The treatment is prolonged because the phytotherapist will gently change the entire body to get the mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Side effects

People who wish to use this treatment should consult and be accompanied by a phytotherapist of traditional Chinese medicine because there are incompatible plants with medicinal and food.


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