01/01/2015 Margarida Moreira

Welcome! I am Margarida. I was born in Portugal, a small country where the mountains face the sea and release fragrances that match deliciously! Where you will find the perfect description of Eden!

“A land with the rosemary scent […] and two roses in the garden” – Amália Rodrigues

Embracing the typical Portuguese house! And it was among the roses of the gardens started to “smell” my vocation, since my childhood, I have dived in the woods and gardens looking for plants, flowers, aromas and flavors that I simply kept on my heart.

And … little by little … I realized how much could do with these little knowledge … I graduated in Phytopharmacy and Aromatic and Medicinal Plants where I learned that every plant, even within the same family has (at least) a secret! A medicinal touch, a more also, aromatic or a dash of eccentricity!

I realized also the perfect equilibrium between fauna and flora!

And as with everything: human, playing gods, tried to replicate, thus giving rise to Permaculture!

A majestic design based on ethical principles and seeking to establish, coordinate and improve all efforts by individuals, places and communities that together work towards a sustainable future! I like to think of permaculture as a honeycomb: each bee has its task, but as a community aim to protect and ensure the success of the new generations.

Permaculture follows three ethics who aspire for taking care of the earth, human and encourage the equitable sharing in this way, this system has life and is cost effective. Just depends on the conscious human and with an open mind, able to be independent of the consumer world and have the courage to be progressive!

“This practice covers all support requirements of humanity:. Culture and Education, physical and mental Health, Economy and Finance, Land tenure and Community, Land and Nature stewardship, Building, Tools and Technology” -David Holmgren

With easy to adopt principles such as courage to interact / experience and live. Embrace this energy and make it profitable in self-regulation! Teaches us to appreciate the value biodiversity and the use of natural resources and services on our behalf, bypassing the waste through simple and effective solutions.

With these “baby-steps” you can respond in a hasty way for diversity and changes that arise.

An excellent example is the transformation in Cuba, where they produce foods with low carbon content and with almost the input (pesticides and fertilizers), nor transport and heavy equipment. With this, employment was created and establishid up a connection and rehabilitation of Nature.

As a result, Cubans have produced healthy food, free of charge, or waste. The documentary “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil ‘reveals how Cuba, with the help of the Soviet Union, managed to overcome the various socioeconomic difficulties after oil removal. Cuba managed to work in a sustainable way in community with the environment in order to develop economically, being a perfect example of Permaculture [1].

Only with the ideas of all is that the world evolves!

I challenge you to give your opinion!


[1] LEMERCIER, P.L. The Pros and Cons of Permaculture Versus Conventional Food Production in a New Climate Change and Peak Oil Context. NGO Pulse . Weblog. [Online]. Available from: www.ngopulse.org/blogs [Accessed 28th October 2014]

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