What to keep in the first aid kit?

What to keep in the first aid kit?
25/03/2015 Margarida Moreira

All houses must be equipped with necessary materials (pharmacy or first aid kit) in case of emergency, to treat some diseases and to relieve pain.
However, in addition to having bandages, pills, ointments, gels and painkillers, it is necessary to have all sorts of Add-ons for the care of a sick person at home: thermometers, agenda with emergency contacts (hospital and local fire department) and instructions (or instructed) to first aid.

First aid kit
Medicines (conventional or natural):

Antidiarrheal drug
Medicines that relieve constipation
Personal medicines and suitable to personal health problems

Ointments, creams and gel:

Treatment of burns and wounds
Disinfectant of wounds
Analgesic gel/spray


Universal ligatures
Compresses of varied sizes
Gauze of 6 to 8 cm wide
Elastic bandage of 6 to 8 cm wide
Hooks for fastening/join the bandages
1 roll of duct tape

Other important materials:

6 to 8 Safety pins

Water thermometer
Finger splint
Spray/disinfectant gel
Agenda with emergency contacts
First aid instructions

If there are children in the family, it is important that in the of aid materials are adapted to children, because in medicine, children are not miniature adults.
The pharmacy (first aid) for children must contain sudorifics suppositories, antidiarrheals, creams to relieve inflammation and dermatitis caused by diapers and sunscreens.


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