World Health Day

World Health Day
07/04/2015 Margarida Moreira

The “Health” for the vast majority of people is considered something important or essential, describing it as absence of disease (“There are health when there is no disease”). However, this definition is not complete because it requires the absence of organic, anatomical or physiological abnormalities.

This context, not wrong, but incomplete ground is little knowledge about human nature.
The notion of health has evolved and acquired a deeper meaning, therefore, currently (and since April 7, 1948), health is universally described as:

“Health is a state of complete physical welfare, mental and social, not merely the absence of disease.” – World Health Organization

Public Health

Public health is seen as the health of people, communities or human population groups integrated in the environment in which they live, and can be defined as the result of a summation of efforts by the community to maintain, improve and preserve the health of the people.
Public health focuses on:

Promote health: when the demand of the individual conditions are best to achieve a better level of health. Is referred to as health promotion and is based on improving the quality of life.
Protecting health: when controlling the factors that jeopardize the health level.
Regain health: when taking measure to restore health to those who lost.

Factors health conditions

Health conditioning factors are those that interfere directly or indirectly with the well-being physical, mental and social conditions.

The conditioning factors can act positively or negatively on the body.
For example, in most cases, the pollution has a negative manner and acts positively aromatherapy.

Factors affecting

Heredity, nutrition, mental, cultural systems, hygiene, physical environment, population, health services, political and social systems and economic resources.

The World Health Day (April 7) is held to mark World Health Organization’s founding.

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